Primarily ergonomics cares for health and high working capacity
Ergonomics is not only comfort
Corresponds to natural human body curves, giving distributed support for spine and back muscles
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intervertebral discs overload and compression inducing their subsequent protrusion and destruction
Too often our office chairs cannot maintain proper sitting position:
spinal nerves pinching and inflammation which carry motor, sensory, and autonomic signals between the spinal cord and the body
back muscles, organs of thoracic cavity and coxofemoral circulatory disturbances
leg lymph and blood circulation stasis
points of chair contact overheating
Samurai - is your bodyguard
All types of personal settings ensure
- two-zone lumber support hardness ;
- 3D headrest - height, depth and tilting angle adjustment;
- 3D armrest - height, depth and tilting angle adjustment
Ergonomic shape of Samurai backrest and the seat corresponds to the anatomic human body shape. The loads are steady induced to the surface area of the headrest and the seat increasing muscles fatigue and facilitating blood circulation
but also prevent diseases development, caused by sedentary work type
Breathable, heat - dispersive upholstery materials keep the body temperature balance
Due to the separate seat and backrest tilting, synchro mechanism enables to unbend the body from time to time that improves blood circulation and loosens back
Samurai chair series not only guarantee complete back relaxation
TIt is well known:
Comfortable ergonomic work space increases staff capacity by 40%
Samurai chairs with unique ergonomic features, guarantee high staff capacity
Scientific studies revealed Samurai chair to reduce significantly the muscle tension and even distribution of the load over the body surface
The cost of Samurai chairs is reimbursed in two months, and then, provide a tangible income
Due to increase of productivity
According to Schwarz & Neumann forschung Unternehmen GmbH only due to increased employee productivity, the
Samurai chair will give you 3465€ per year
Reduce the number of sick leave days
Non-ergonomic workplace causes 30% office employees diseases [Gesundes sitizen. StolComfort]
One day absence of a qualified professional at work costs the company on average 100€, Even 5 days Your staff "Sick
leave" reduction, brings Your company 500 € income per year
+ 3 465€ per year
30% of office workers get sick